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We are Startup Unidos:

We cultivate collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship in underserved border communities since 2015

Trusted by local partners


We don’t try to fit the uniqueness of the communities we serve into any old box. In the words of Robin Breault, Founder at Lead Local, “Startup Unidos fills the need many entrepreneurial support organizations ignore or try to address through retrofitting programs designed for mainstream entrepreneurs.”

We Are A Community Of Changemakers

We nurture emerging companies, assist in growing firms, build workforces of the future and support partner organizations in reaching underserved pockets of borderland and LATINX communities.

We believe that success should be measured by the lives that have been changed due to our efforts and support. But for our statistics enthusiasts, here are some numbers. Together, we’ve helped more than two thousand LATINX change their community for the future. 

2,150 Businesses Served in 2021
6 Active Partnerships 
18 Subcontractors (10 from Arizona + 8 from Sonora) 
50% women in our Youth Workforce Development (13-24) 

Meet our team

Brought to you by dozens of incredibly talented people, heres how we are able to bring the change to so many fronts in the borderlands

  • Stephanie Bermudez

    Founder & Principal

  • Alejandra Cañedo

    Project Manager & Designer

  • Robert Johnson

    EdTech Expert

  • Sergio Astorga

    Project Coordinator

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